July 2nd 2024

A City Cycling Spectacle in the Capital of Lower Austria


“This year, we’re kicking off the Tour of Austria with a prologue: 3,000 meters, fast-paced or utterly level, and right in the center of St. Pölten. From the Rathausplatz with its baroque ensemble out onto streets with big names: Julius Raab and Karl Renner. Past the synagogue, the birthplace of movie director Bernhard Wicki, all the way to the city’s landmark, the Sound Tower. Here, a turnaround and back again. For the audience, such a prologue is very entertaining. There are always riders on the course, and top-notch cycling can be experienced up close. Today, you can’t win the tour, but you might already lose it under certain circumstances. Therefore: No mechanical issues, no crashes, no mistakes, and despite an expected nail-biting race against the clock, don’t lose too much time. So just go all-in. We hope for an auspicious start to the Tour of Austria 2024 and for a fantastic atmosphere.”

Daniel Repitz, Team Manager Felt Felbermayr

July 2nd 2024



12:30 PM | ST.PÖLTEN


about 3 PM – ST.PÖLTEN



The starting shot at the 73rd edition of the Tour of Austria will be given in St. Pölten, the youngest state capital in Austria. With a prologue in the heart of the city, passing by all the important landmarks.

“The revival of the “Österreich-Rundfahrt” as the Tour of Austria is not only significant for cyclists but above all, it connects enthusiastic audiences and regions with cycling itself. It is a physically demanding yet picturesque and scenic form of a tour through Austria. St. Pölten is at the center of one of Austria’s most beautiful cycling regions, between the Traisen and Pielach valleys with direct access to the Danube routes and the Wachau,” says Mayor Matthias Stadler, who is hosting the prologue this year, and wishes everyone an exciting, sporty competition.