73rd Tour of Austria

July 2 – 7, 2024












The stages of the Tour of Austria 2024


Prologue St.Pölten

3 kilometers
7 altitude


Bad Tatz-mannsdorf – Bad Tatz-mannsdorf

177,9 kilometers
1952 altitude


Maria Taferl – Steyr

184,5 kilometers
2257 altitude


Schladming – St. Johann Alpendorf

153,1 kilometers
2855 altitude


St. Johann Alpendorf – Kals

151,7 kilometers
3786 altitude


Kufstein – Kühtai

143,8 kilometers
2712 altitude

tradition since 1949

In 1949 the first winner of the Tour of Austria was Richard Menapace. He won by a record margin of 38:46 minutes. In 2019, Belgian Ben Hermans was the last tour winner so far. In 2023, after a three-year break, there was a brilliant restart. The TOA 2023 was won by Ecuadorian Jhonatan Narvaez from INEOS Grenadiers.

In between lie decades full of tension, full of tragedies, full of emotions. Many Austrians triumphed on their home tour and legends were born here.

Latest info from the tour

Voices of the Teammanagers

Voices of the Teammanagers

It's a unique story in cycling: the country's biggest teams came together to put the Tour of Austria on a new footing after a three-year break. That's what the people in charge say about the Tour of Austria 2023. "The name change to Tour of Austria underscores the...

The Tour of Austria is back

The Tour of Austria is back

After a three-year break, the “Österreich Rundfahrt” restarts as the Tour of Austria from 2nd to 6th of July 2023. A unique aspect of the event in international cycling is the organization, as the five Austrian Continental teams will take charge of Austria's most...

Tour of Austria 2023 new

Tour of Austria 2023 new

After a three-year break, the Tour of Austria returns to the international cycling calendar in July under a new name as the "Tour of Austria". In the future, the five Austrian Continental teams, namely Tirol KTM, Vorarlberg, Felbermayr Simplon Wels, Hrinkow Advarics...

A unique team effort


On November 30th, 2022, the Austrian Continental teams open new chapter in the long and glorious history of the Tour of Austria: Alexander and Dominik Hrinkow (Team Hrinkow), Thomas Kofler (Team Vorarlberg), Thomas Pupp (Tirol KTM Team), Daniel Repitz (Team Felbermayr Wels), Christoph Resl (Team WSA Graz) and Wolfgang Konrad (Enterprise Sport Promotion) found the Tour of Austria Ltd., to give their most important race new energy after a three-year break. An action with a lot of charm and sympathy and so probably unique in international cycling.