Stage 2

July 4th 2024

A bunch sprint? Or a nice day for the breakaway?


“The most beautiful cycling race in Austria from the most beautiful town square in Austria. If that’s not a perfect match. And it could also be a great day for a breakaway group. It all starts in the pilgrimage site of Maria Taferl, picturesque and perched high above the Danube. Past the Melk Abbey and through the hilly and beautiful Mostviertel towards the finish line in Steyr. Here, a large part of the route passes through the wonderful National Park region. In Steyr, after a loop and with the Porscheberg, with its up to 24% steep ramp, we look forward again to a thrilling sprint in front of spectators and fans along the route, just like we experienced in 2023). Because we in Steyr are very enthusiastic about sports.. And: Our team has its home base here in Steyr and a large fan base. A little home advantage can’t hurt against the strong competition.”

Dominik Hrinkow, Teammanager Hrinkow Advarics

July 4th 2024





about 2.30 – 3 PM | STEYR


Wieselburg, Waidhofen a.d.Ybbs, Grossraming


Schöffthaler Höhe, Saas, Porscheberg


Maria Taferl

The municipality of Maria Taferl is the second most significant pilgrimage site in Austria after Mariazell.

Udo Landbauer, Vice-Gouvenor and Councilor for Sport says, “I am very pleased that the Österreich Rundfahrt (Tour of Austria) is taking place again this year and once again visiting us in Lower Austria. The Tour of Austria offers cycling at the highest level and a great opportunity to experience local and international cycling stars up close. Last year, together with thousands of visitors, I personally experienced this outstanding sports event at Sonntagberg in our beautiful home state, and I am therefore very proud that we have the opportunity to enjoy it twice this year, with the prologue in St. Pölten and the start of the second stage in Maria Taferl. Especially for our younger generation, such a sporting event is a perfect opportunity to introduce the love of cycling and to understand sports in its entirety as a school of life. Competitive sports represent the pinnacle, while grassroots sports form the foundation. Together, they embody the sporting culture of life.”



Third largest city in Upper Austria. With a beautiful baroque old town ensemble and great Austrian industrial tradition, such as the story about Steyr Daimler Puch.

Mayor Ing. Markus Vogl : “As Mayor of the city of Steyr, I am very pleased that the 73rd International Tour of Austria will once again make a stop in our beautiful city this summer. The people of Steyr will have the opportunity to experience top-level sports right on their doorstep. Our city will once again provide a fantastic backdrop for this event, and at the same time, the media attention on the Tour has tremendous value for the entire region and the city of Steyr.”